Monday, 28 May 2012

Everyday: Lips

I know, I have been gone for way too long if you noticed :( 
My computer at home is still ruined, so I just check on my ipod, but I'm too lazy to update because of it's bad camera...
I am at my boyfriends now so I have a little bit of time to update!

I will be talking about my favourite lip products that I use on a regular almost daily bases!

Nivea: Milk and Honey, LipIce Water Colour: Kissy Pink, Maybelline Baby Lips: Mango Pie, Softlips: Vanilla and  Etude House Lip Tint: Follow Me.

I'll talk about the three balms first:
I have just recenlty purchased the Nivea lip balm and have fell in love with it, the colour, the packaging and the smell are all lovely. I apply this every hour when I have it because it is addicting! Not too sticky and not too shiny on the lips!
This is my newest Baby Lips! I own 5 of them. The packaging is really what draws me in.. the colors are all so cute and sweet, which compliment the smell very well. They can be a bit sticky, but I try not too apply too much!
The Softlips are the most amazing product ever. They are in no way sticky on the lips, they smell amazing: exactly like vanilla, and have SPF20. They also have that cooling menthol feeling when you put them on. I gave one of these to my brother because he was whining about dry lips and he used it all within a week because it was that good! Dry lips are all gone!

Lip Balms are what I hoard. I buy them because of the packaging or smell, and I never use any of them up before I buy more. These are just the ones I keep in my makeup bag I carry, I have plenty more at home!!

The two tinted ones. I did a review on the Etude house one here.

I bought the LipIce while I was in Singapore thinking it would be similar to the Etude House Lip Tint... Oh how I was wrong. It isn't like a lip tint at all, but more like a VERY moisturising lip stick. The colour isn't 'kissy pink' but more or a pinky coral. 

As you can see the colour is a lot more pigmented compared to the Etude house tint.

What is great about these is that it has the qualities of a great lip balm or moisturiser, but with the added colour. It is very pigmented and stays on for a few hours, which means no drying like some lip sticks!
I'm hoping to go to either Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong at the end of the year so I will definatly pick up some more colours from this range. They are very cheap! I think I got mine for S$4, which is only like $3 here or something :D

Do you guys have a lip product you take everywhere with you? Or even too many than needed?


  1. Oh nice! I have too many lip products I take with me everywhere, lol! Like you I also hoard!

  2. Gotta love baby lips! I have lost count of how many I have bought, but they just smell so fruity and good. I am so happy to find yet another wonderful aussie blogger! Please check my blog out if you have the time. xo Genevieve

    1. I lost a few but I always end up buying more! They aren't expensive so they are sort of addictive :D

      Thank you so much!! Yours is lovely too, I see you are just starting out... I sport of still am also haha!

  3. oh.. i like that!! so nice.. :)