Friday, 18 May 2012

Nail favourites!

As someone who has just recently stopped biting there nails, I have become obsessed with nail polish even more. I need to wear nail polish otherwise I feel like I am just going to bite them... if I wear it I think 'They are way too pretty to be ruined!' while staring lovingly at the colours.
I used to buy nail polish about 4 years ago to put on my stubs. My collection was full of cheap, bright colours from The Face Shop. Sad to say, I stopped using them and they all dried up. Even while biting them I would still buy some cheap ones if I really loved the colours.

At the start of the year I had around 15... since about 2 months ago, it has doubled! Okay, 30 doesn't seem like lots but I am unemployed and have no money so I get all happy every time I buy just 1!!

Out of all of them, I chose my 8 favourites to show you my readers! :D

Tony Moly (not sure of the colour code or name) Mint Green?, Rimmel Lasting Finish in Strawberry Fizz, Canmake (again, no idea..) Blood orangey colour?, O.P.I. in Gone Gonzo!

Rimmel 60 Seconds in Instyle Coral, Ulta3 in Lollypop Lilac, MaxFactor Mini in Diva Violet, Revlon Polish in Girly.

Do mind the mess and also the little bits of stringy things... it's from the cotton wool when I used the remover!
In terms of colour, these are my favourites. I love bright, pastel and shiny colours! 

Tony Moly: It takes around 3 coats to become opaque and chooses when it wants to work well -.- but I love the colour so I don't mind about the hassle!
Strawberry Fizz: The colour is adorable and application is easy, not to sticky consistency and only needs 2 coats.
Canmake: Almost opaque after one coat! Easy to apply and no hassle, however the colour can be too bright  sometimes :)
Gone Gonzo: Needs 3 coats for full effect. Is a bit sticky. I think it is better suited as a top coat over a light blue! Difficult to remove with nail polish remover.
Instyle Coral: I had a coral obsession and this one delivers perfectly. Not too bright and brush is easy to apply. Needs 2+ coats.
Lollypop Lilac: Lovely sweet pink colour. Easy to apply with 2 coats. Isn't very chip resistant :(
Diva Violet: Deep violet colour. Applies easily though not opaque until 3 coats. Chips easily though!
Girly: Silvery pink tint, applies smoothly with no streaks in 2 coats. Chip resistant, however difficult to remove with nail polish remover.

I love all these colours, and I will continue to wear them despite the little set backs. It is very difficult to make the perfect nail polish so it doesn't bother me! 

What's your favourite nail polish? Have you tried any of my choices?


  1. Nice favourites! I keep telling myself to post something a bit like this but I have way too many nail polishes lol!
    I really love your choices though!!!

  2. Cute nail colors, especially the pink one and the orange one!
    Stéph❀nie's Notebook

  3. Cute nail colors, especially the pink one and the orange one!
    Stéph❀nie's Notebook

  4. Hi dear! I found your blog browsing the web and I found it very attractive, I love this post and all the beautiful pictures you have.

    I hope that you visit my blog soon



  5. Hi Emily, I know what you mean, I have also recently gone a bit nail mad. I wasn't that I used to bite mine, just that I used to be rubbish at doing them! But after persevering, I am now reasonably ok at it, so have been treating myself with lots of new polishes to try out!

    I've just tagged you over on my blog.
    Mel x

  6. The OPI one is gorgeous! Isnt a shame about the max factor polish? the colours are lovely but they seem to be abit streaky and like you say chip easily :(
    Im enjoying your blog..Im now following! x

  7. Lovely colours!
    I enjoyed this post!:)

    Natasha Carly