Thursday, 3 May 2012


This is something I never thought I would own: Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in Blonde 01. Such a mouthful!
I actually got this as a gift from my boyfriend at Christmas time, and well I wasn't... let's say ecstatic... back then since I never wear bronzers and he spent a lot on this! I think Myer here in Australia sells it for over $70! I came to slowly love it though... he made a good choice! He is French so he went with French Makeup!

I love the packaging, it looks high end like it should, with attention to small detail under the shell! However, It would be more practical to come with a small brush so that you can carry it around in your bag. There is a special brush they sell that goes with it however... (Which I hear is great but not so cheap)

I am happy he chose blonde because it is much lighter and my skintone is very very light, so when applied it doesn't look orange or muddy, and I am scared the Brunette would be much to dark.

It blends smoothley and can be customised to your choice, if you want it to be darker apply using more of the brown/shimmer section, or if you want a peachier light colour, use the pinker section. 
It is also quite sheer as the name suggests so you can build up to how much cover you want.

I have also read people describing the smell as 'old lady' smell, but I happened to like it and it doesn't stay with you.

For someone like me who doesn't really like bronzers, I am happy to say using this changes my mind. I sometimes use it all over my face to give a nice glow, even on my eyelids to add some natural shimmer, as well as a light bronzer.

Would I repurchase though? I'm not sure. As much as I love it, it is out of my price range. I am sure I could find a very similar one for a much lower price. This should last me a long time though, so maybe I will learn to be dependant on it and become rich to afford it! :P

Have you tried anything by Guerlain? What did you think?


  1. It's a lovely present to get! I wouldn't ever buy it for myself, as there's mny dupes out there, but I've always found Guerlain powders to be great quality.

  2. wow that bronzer looks awesome, its a shame i have too many i have to try not to buy more

  3. looks great!!

  4. I'm not really a bronzer kind of girl, but this one looks fab- despite the pricetag! Your boyfriend has good taste :)

    Love, Elizabeth xX

  5. Wow lucky Emily! He has good taste! :)