Friday, 15 June 2012

Gel Liners!

Hey guys, I am back... again! It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post... sorry about that :(
I just haven't had the determination to post... I haven't got anything new since I have no money, so I feel a bit sad lately. Gosh I need a job. I have applied at so many places but no luck at all!! Hopefully I hear something soon.

Anyway! Enough of the negative! I am going to do a post about two gel eyeliners I own. I bought these last year, and from what I can remember they weren't popular then... I had only seen Korean brands do them, so  I bought some a year ago from:

Tony Moly and Missha.
the Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Navy is probably one of the first ones I had ever seen.. or I just didn't know about Gel liners back then. Actually, I didn't know much about any makeup then.
It was the product that put Tony Moly on the map in Korea. It comes in I think around 8 different colours and is waterproof.
The Missha Fit-in Gel Eyeliner in Black and is waterproof. I'm not sure how many colours there are... but I know there aren't as many as the Tony Moly ones.

They both came with a brush which was really handy! The Tony Moly one is in the lid, much like the ones from Rimmel and Revlon. The Missha one is just a pot with a small brush to carry around... which I have lost some times!

Like most brushes, you have to clean them! I am too lazy to half the time, which I regret when I use them... The gel dries them out so much and they become really difficult to use. I think I need to buy a new brush because they just don't have the same smoothness and gliding power that they used to have! So clean your brushes people, especially ones you use with gel eyeliner!!

The Tony Moly one is a bit smaller, and the Navy blue colour is a bit difficult to see! I actually thought it was a black when I bought it! 

When applied using the brushes, the colours are really vibrant! The Missha product has a more Matte finish to it, while the Tony Moly one actually has a slight shimmer to it. 
The top is using the Missha brush and below is the Tony Moly one. The Missha one is used less so the shape that helps make thinner lines is still there, which the Tony one is much more difficult to use.

I tried to remove it using water and actually had to scrub hard to get this much off, so it is quite as strong waterproofing to it. 

I am no expert on gel liners, and I haven't tried any other brands. However I do love the way they are easy to apply, the gel really does glide on, and unless you bump your hand a lot, it is quite easy to apply a very straight line. I find these are the best when it comes to applying a winged line on your eyes compared to liquid eyeliners and pencils because using a brush is easier (for me atleast).

I especially love the way that after almost a whole year they have not dried up! The  product is almost the same as when I first got them! It will take me awhile to even come close to finishing them, so I hope they last a little while longer!

Have you guys tried a gel liner you really love? Tell me which ones! I may need to invest in some more some day soon :)

Also, I will post more, I promise. My boyfriend is going to France to see his family so I will have lots more time to be bored out of my mind, which should encourage me to post more to fill that gap! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

NOTD: Innisfree Yoghurt

Just wanted to share the nail polish I bought yesterday! It's by Korean brand Innisfree and is part of the Eco collection (unless all the polishes are?) and the colour is #81 Strawberry Yoghurt.

I got this from a Asian store in China Town for $5.50, which is actually cheaper than on ebay (yay!) but still not as cheap as places like GMarket or Korea of course where it is something like $2. It is avaliable in other colours which I am dying to try!

This is the result after 3 coats. At first I was thinking 'This colour doesn't look like the colour of strawberries!!' but then I remembered it had the word yoghurt in it, which makes much more sense colour wise. Mind my ugly unshaped nails in the picture -.-