Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wishlist #3

Here we are again! I have my fingers crossed I get a job in the next few weeks, so I am starting to think of what I reallly want again.

1. EOS Lip Balm.
A lot of bloggers have this and I have heard so many great reviews, so it is killing me that I am not the owner of one yet! They are just so cute and it is Winter here soon so my lips are going to need some loving from this product!
2. Chanel Nail Polish in Peridot.
There is something about this... If you explained it to me I would cringe, but I am hypnotised by the colour. I am hoping I can find a nice dupe sometime soon, since I have read there are a few... I'm just not sure about Australia having them yet! Or I can get my boyfriend to buy it for me a bit cheaper in France or something!

3. Tony Moly Skin Fit Snow Blusher.
I am not a fan of bronzers, and I own hardly any blush.. the ones I do own are all powder! Hence I really want to try this blusher by Tony Moly. The colours look great and it is a cream blusher so it appeals to me more!

The list goes on...
What are you really wanting right now?? 


  1. The eos lipbalm is crazy amazing. Oh why the way did you see Daiso were hiring?!

    1. I want so bad :( I tried my friends one and died.

      YES! I applied both by email and on seek! I REALLY WANT TO WORK THERE!!!!

    2. We should all buy together on that site, I love mine! And woo you should totally get a job there! :D both of you :P

    3. Omg if we both get a job at Daiso Chelsea I would cry of happiness!

      We should Jasmine! As soon as I have money haha :D

  2. Love the packaging of the snow blushers! xo

  3. I agree! Thats one of the reasons I want them ^^