Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wishlist #2

The wish actually never ends... but I will blog about a few things that I have had my eyes on!

* A plug for my phone!
They have a few different names... plugy, headphone plug shield or ear cap... I'm not actually sure what they are officially called, but it is the new trend for accessorising your phone! Because a lot of the popular phones these days don't have a hole for a mobile strap people have created a plug to put into your headphone jack that comes in many different designs~

They really make me want to get a new phone so that I can make it cute :(

* Jill Stuart Cosmetics
I swear any product by Jill Stuart has the cutest and most beautiful packaging ever that it breaks my heart everytime I see it because of the price tag!! In Japan, a blush is around $50, lipgloss is $30 and nailpolish is aroun $18.... a bit tough for a girl on a budget!

If you type 'Jill Stuart Beauty' into google and it just makes you want to drool!

Since this brand is primarily based in Asia, to buy here in Australia is not only difficult to get but expensive! 

I read peoples blogs everyday and it just adds to the list of things I want... Who else has this trouble??? Let me know what you currently wish for! 


  1. I definitely know what you mean, I find myself wanting so many things I see on other people's blogs! xo


  2. OH MY GOD JILL STUART... I'm trying to resist putting that name into Google as the pictures you post make me really want :(

  3. It makes me want to throw up rainbows because they are so pretty hahahaha

  4. Followed back :) you have a great blog :D x