Thursday, 12 April 2012

Things that annoy me

Those living in Australia probably feel the same way as me when it comes to makeup over here, and this probably happens in a lot of countries, but it still hits me...

I had to add this, it makes me laugh so much. Kokoro is Japanese for Heart.

1. Increase in prices.
This one is the hardest. You see something on a website that you MUST have, then you go into the store to check it out. Then the dread kicks in. Some items can be double the price you see online, especially when they are products earlier released in other countries.
A lot of the time it's easiest to go into the store to sample it and then buy it online... but it is a hassle to have to wait for it to arrive just to save some money. most of the time if I really want it I just fork out the extra money to have it in my hands straight away.

2. Waiting for products.
A product comes out in a different country, you hear great reviews about it, you can't find it over here... you wait and wait... and soon a few months have passed! We are a bit behind when it comes to certain products, but knowing the demand to bring them here, they still make us wait. 

3. Different products altogether!
You see a product, it's here... but it is somehow different. One of my biggest peeves is the Maybelline Baby Lips! I have found that when I was in Asia, they have the same as us... but America and other countries ones are different. The Baby Lips here are just regular scented lip balms, but the other ones are tinted. I am not sure why they market them as the same product with the name, but choose to make them different. 

4. Never getting them.
Now I know we cant have every single brand and product avaliable, there would just be too many! But it is a really big hassle when you have to order online for some brands that are really populkar, and you just think 'why not bring it here?? Everyone likes it!'. Sadly, this is the same as clothing brands over here... since we are opposite seasons to the rest of the fashion world, most brands are apprehensive to bring their stores here.

Do you guys struggle with these problems?? I'm sure it happens in many other countries, and nothing  is perfect, but it still annoys the hell out of me! 



  1. I did a small post for this on my "blogger" tumblr lol.. writing out the price differences and how extreme they are.. or the fact that you just simply can't get them :(
    One bad thing about living in Australia! I want to go to Sephora! :D

    1. I went to see the Revlon Lip butter yesterday and it was bloody $22!! I died... I couldn't bring myself to buy it.

      I went to Sephora in Singapore... but they have the same price increase problem... not as much, but it was still a bit too expensive.
      One day we shall go to America Jasmine and buy nice makeup! so much Revlon... *drools*

    2. Boo to Singapore lol. Yes, we'll go to America.. you and me and Chelsea and Julie ;) lol

  2. I feel your pain, it's the same with nail polish. It's $20 from Petra Hair Care or David Jones for one bottle, whilst in America you can get them for under $10! So not fair!

  3. Yo Emily, I nominated you in my Versatile Blogger Award ;) Go check it out on my page!! :D

    1. Really Jasmine? *blushes*
      You are doing great eith your blog, much more popular than mine haha

  4. Hey! W are your new follower! Your blog is awesome! We would love if you could follow us!

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