Friday, 20 April 2012


Two reviews in the span of a few hours! Yay! 

I'm sure you have all seen the ads for the Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup. You know, the ones where Emma Stone looks absolutely stunning? Yeah, I gave in. I actually bought it without reading any reviews... which I don't usually do. It just seemed so... pretty! I sort of regret it though, since I paid around $35 for it (DAMMIT AUSTRALIA!)

The container is nice and simple, and I am hoping a good size! I'm not actually sure how much comes out because it comes out in mousse form... 

This is what it looks like. I find it best to apply the mousse on my wrist and use a sponge to apply to my face.

I'm happy I chose a nice colour, at first it seemed to go on too dark, but the more you blend the more it adjusts to my skin colour. Also, I'm not sure if you can see but it has a shimmer to it, which I actually really like surprisingly.

I have mixed feelings for this foundation actually, more so than a lot of foundations I have tried, so I will actually be making a pros and cons list for the first time!

Adjusted well to my skin tone
Easy to blend
Nice consistancy 
Not to oily and not to dry
Shimmery (I liked it, others may not)
Doesn't accentuate pores
Nice coverage

Difficult to choose the right shade (I went a shade lighter than usual)
Difficult to control the pump and amount released
Can sit on dry patches on face (if you moisturise it should be fine though)
Slightly unpleasant smell
Shimmery (not advertised, some may not like)

But my biggest peeve is this:

This is actually pretty unavoidable for packaging like this, but I still feel it could have been designed better so that the product doesn't smear all over the container! Add a nozzle or something >< 

All in all, you can see I'm on the fence. I personally wouldn't buy this again, as I paid more than I would usually (the most I would spend $35 on is a Korean BB Cream), but I find it isn't a completely useless product or waste of money. Most of the reviews I've read now have been very mixed...

Have you guys tried this product?? What do you think?


  1. It could definitely do with a packaging revamp! I've never used a mousse foundation! xo

  2. I tried this today in store, actually, and I didn't like the packaging either! I found the portion control pretty bad too :(
    A shame it's so expensive.. but that's Australia!

    1. IT's okay though... cause if whatever amount you have it will blend well :D
      stupid australiaaaaaa, why can't we have nice things?

  3. Such an interesting concept... thanks for sharing! Haha it looks like fun to apply :P

    1. That is probably the best part! It's like whipped cream~

  4. I tried this at Chemist Warehouse and one squeeze of the pump generated a huge amount of the foundation! I can see how the pump would be a little hard to manage. Sounds like a good idea to first dispense it onto your wrist and then use a sponge to apply. But $35 is definitely expensive, I'd rather buy another Korean BB cream :p

    1. Sometimes I regret buying foundation just because I would rather buy some bb cream!

  5. such a good review, am now following :) x