Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My New Challange

Recently I have taken upon myself to learn self control... Well, not for spending or anything since I have no money. I'm talking about the biggest problem I have faced since being a child! Something unhygienic and just plain ugly... Biting my nails. I've been doing it since I can remember, I have tried to stop many times and I have tried that nasty tasting polish. I used to get used to the bad taste, or I would grow them for about 2 weeks and then give up...

I'm now almost 20 and I really hope I can do it. I hear about those people who give it up when they get older, so I'm hoping that's the case for me! I'll just learn to break the habit.

Below is a picture of my nails now. I find that if I keep them nicely painted I don't have the urge to gnaw on them.

If people are interested I will make a small post every week or so to show my progress, and you can scold me if I don't succeed!

Do you have any good tips to help
Me?? Please wish my luck! :)

This was also posted from my iPod so sorry for the ugliness hahaha


  1. If it helps, I used to bite my nails ALL the time as a kid. Then my GP told me that the germs under and around your nails are worse than the germs on a toilet seat! I never bit my nails again! xo

    1. I've been told that but it doesn't stop me... It's almost like I do it without noticing! Thanks though haha

  2. Good luck Emily! I know you can do it! :D