Thursday, 12 April 2012

Puff de Cheek~

Ahh, Japanese cosmetics... always such cute packaging! These are adorable little blushes called Puff de Cheek by Majolica Majorca by Shiseido. It comes in 4 different colours, Pink Macaron, Apricot Macaron, Strawberry Macaron and Vanilla Macaron! They all sound so sweet right??

While I was in Japan last year I came across them and decided to buy the Vanilla Macaron colour, seeing as I wasn't experimental with blush back then I chose the lightest shade. So I will be doing a review on this wonderful product!

The packaging is what really drew me to the product... which I have to say is how I pick a lot of my products! It is in a small round shaped tin.

And inside the tin is a puffy little applicator! The bow~ 

The lighting doesn't do the product much justice, so I am going to have to explain the colouring more.
Now, I am a light skinned person... very fair... and this blush actually does not show any colour on my skin. It isn't a pink or red or orange like most blushes are, it is more of an ivory colour with a shine/sparkle within it.

I personally do not use this as a blush but more as a highlighter or just to add a glow to my face. Since the colour is very sheer, only the sparkles show on my face. 
I am not sure if this would work well on a more darker skin colour, since it is such a light colour it may not blend as well.

The feeling is soft on your skin and lasts me usually around 5 hours. I love this product to bits but don't think it works as a proper blush. If you are looking for an item to brighten your complexion and that is great for going out on special occasions than this is what your looking for.

I bought this in Japan at a Department store for around $15 (1,300 yen) 

Do you have any blushes that you live by??


  1. Oh that is so cute, I want all of them lol. I use a bronzer these days just on my cheeks.. makes me look sexy as! Haha!

  2. The Vanilla color isn't a blush, it's a highlighter. It's a bit pointless to buy a blush that isn't darker than your skin; suggesting a DARKER skinned person use a nearly white color is even worse.

    1. Ummm, its branded as a blush, but yes i said i use it as a highlighter... I bought it knoeing it was the lightest shade...
      And i said that darker skin people shouldnt use it -.-
      I have no idea why you are being rude to me about it... You make it seem like im being offensive or something...