Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Is it BB?

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream. I know I know, there have been a lot of reviews but I thought I'd give my point of view to those deciding whether or not to buy it.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, this is one of the first BB Creams created by the Western Beauty Market. BB Stands for Blemish Balm and in the Asian market is targeted as a moisturiser, sunscreen, primer and foundation all in one. It is targeted more at the East Asian market, only being available in quite light shades.

Garnier has tried to incorporate these ideas into their product while appealing to a Western audience. The package reads 'Save time with this daily all in one moisturiser: in just one application, moisturise, unify and brighten your skin!' while providing your skin 'hydration, comfort, UV protection, correction of signs of fatigue, dullness, imperfections and sun spots'.. and for me, it does just what it says. 

However, in terms of appearance on the skin it acts more like a tinted moisturiser rather than a BB cream and I find this the only set back. Those who are familiar with Korean BB Creams may be disappointed when trying this, as the colour is much darker, the product is a bit more oily and it leaves the skin with a bit more of a dewy finish.

Evens our skintone
Lasts around 10 hours
Doesn't give a cakey look like some foundations or Korean BB creams
Adds moisture
Inexpensive (The most I've seen it for is $14)
SPF 15
Covers and reduces skin imperfections
Natural look

Some may not like the smell (I personally do!)
May be too oily on skin for those with naturally oily skin
Not many choices in shades, however this is very similar to Asian brands that have only 2-3 very light colours. This may not be good for very light skin (however I had no troubles) or those with dark skin.
Ugly packaging, products dries on lid sometimes.

Altogether, this is really something you should try before buying. I have read many mixed reviews, those who love it, those who hate it and those who don't mind it at all. I think it really just comes to a few factors, such as your skin type and what type of coverage your prefer.

Personally, I love it for everyday use and when I am looking for just enough coverage to hide my redness. It's easy to apply and sinks right into my skin and feels very natural when worn! 
I once didn't wear makeup for about a week (I had no social life obviously) and I found that when I didn't wear anything my skin broke out, but when I wear this product it really controls my skin and has actually improved it since using it since my skin is quite dry it balances it out really well! And the price isn't bad on the bank account :)

Have you tried this BB cream or any other? What did you think and what brand is your favourite?? Let me know! 

ALSO! An update on my nails... this is after one week! I haven't bitten them, yay!! I can scratch things now and clean under them like a normal person! They look shorter in the picture though....

Also, sorry about the long rambling post... I feel very strongly about BB Creams obviously! There is also a lot going on with this product and the Asian counterparts, hence there is heaps to talk about! THANK YOU FOR READING!!!!!


  1. Nice effort with the nails Emily! Well done!
    Also I want to try that BB cream but I've read so many mixed reviews! I'm probably too oily for it!
    I love the con "ugly packaging" haha! :D

    1. You are a bit whiter than me too! It's all up to personal choice though, some find it great and for others it just doesn't work I guess!
      But omg I want to kill the ugliness! Korean bb creams are all cute and pretty and this is just blahhhhhhh
      You know I love cute stuff so it really is a draw back -.-

  2. I find Garnier's BB Cream is more of just a tinted moisturiser. It just doesn't give off the same look as a korean BB cream.

    Also yay for your nails! They look awesome.

    1. If they marketed it as a tinted moisturiser I'm pretty sure more people would like it... They aren't getting the bb cream hopes!

      And thank youuu! Nail polish is actually starting to look okay on me :D

  3. I just started following your blog & i adore it.
    I am trying to make my dreams come true this year.

    follow back please?
    thank you <3 :)


  4. You should try the No7 BB creams. They come in three ranges for skin type and also different shades! I use the one from the normal/oily range in shade medium and adore it! xo


    1. Ahh I don't think it's avaliable here, but it does seem really good! I might try to find it and give it ago :D