Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tint it!

Oh goodness, I am so so sorry. I haven't posted in over a month... almost 2!! I'm not going to make up an excuse...I was just super lazy and didn't feel like it :(
BUT I AM BACK! For who knows how long... I have a few new products so that means a few reviews at least :)

It was my 20th birthday yesterday, and with that came celebrations and presents! However, I was sick. Really really sick. A mix of drinking a bit more than I should and the beginning of Spring gave me a killer sore throat and stuffed nose! I am feeling a bit better now though~ and I got some presents that I love :3

People who know me know that I love Lip tints. Give me lip tints over lipstick or lipgloss anytime. I think it is because I am super lazy at constantly re-applying, so I like tints for their long wear. 
I received two new ones for my birthday to add to my collection!

The Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint and Balm in 300 Perpetual Plum (long name is long) and the Tony Moly Tony Tint in Cherry Pink.

I bought the Rimmel one out of interest from Priceline... it has only just been released in Australia (WHY SO LATE?!) and it was a cheap alternative to the Revlon and Maxfactor ones I had seen. It was something like $10.  The Tony Moly tint is off ebay, since it is a Korean brand. It is easily available all over ebay for less than $10.

Sorry I am not using my lips in the photo since it's hard to test two tints at a time because of the staining, and also my lips and face are realllly dry from being sick :( Hands will have to do!!

Above is the Tony Moly tint (left) and Rimmel tint (right) when first applied. 

The Tony tint is very watery, it looks almost like ink in the packaging. You can see it applies with a strong pinky/red colour and goes on really smoothly to the lips, as the colour is spread evenly through its light consistency.

The Rimmel tint uses a design shaped like a felt tip pen...and applies just like one. I felt like I was colouring in my lips bit by bit. From what I have read, it is difficult to get a strong colour payout and I had this problem. It felt as though the the tip was drying up, so applying the colour was harder and more time consuming, as well as making it harder to have even colour.

This was around 40 seconds after applying. If I had left it a bit longer the colour would have stained almost completely :P

I am too lazy to write more... T_T I am sorry. I will just sum up some of the pros and cons of each.

Tony Tint:
  • Easy to apply, strong colour, dries quickly, cheap, can see how much product you have used, long lasting and smells nice.
  • Can over apply colour easily, doesn't taste mouth friendly :P

Rimmel Tint:
  • Lovely colour payout, has a balm on the end for moisturising, available in many colours, fast drying and long lasting.
  • Hard to apply, less colour payout, drying without balm and can't see how much product you have used.

Overall both work well for what they are, a lip stain/tint. They both last a few hours (from what I can remember... I was drinking when I wore them ><). However, I find the Tony Tint is a lot more reliable, as well as inexpensive. The rimmel just may have a few too many annoying cons that out shine the pros.

Have you tried any of these Tints?? What did you think?? Also, what is your favourite tint you have used?? LET ME KNOW! I love tints soo much :3


  1. I love the Tony Moly one!!! You must give me the link of the ebay seller you used, I want one :D
    I love the little lips you drew!~

    1. I think the seller is cosmetics love! They have a website too! It tastes a bit bad... But just dobt put a lot on :P