Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wishlist #4

OH MY IT'S JULY ALREADY!! The days go by so fast...
I had a really bad blogging month in June, so I am going to try and make up for it this month! 

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my boyfriend is in France right now, so I have been at home watching Running Man... which is the funniest show ever by the way. 
He comes back in 2 days and from what he has lead me to believe he has lots of presents for me! I am very thankful I have such a caring boyfriend :)

Some things I have been longing for recently are:

* Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
I have picked up Maybellines Asian release BB cream last year when I was in Singapore. I am hoping it is similar to that one, even though the packaging and name are different. I remember it being lighter than Korean creams but very hydrating! They should eventually release then in Australia... but who knows when!

* Nature Republic Dome Blusher

I have known about these for years because Goo Hara endorsed them but recently came to want one after I saw that The Body Shop and Shu Uemura also have similar devices! I love the idea of being able to apply it without a brush on fingers. It is impossible to find unless I can get it on GMarket though *cries* Why does Australia not have Nature Republic (let's add every other amazing Korean brand to that list) yet we have Missha and The Face Shop? :( The prices double here though...

*Holika Holika Pure Mellow Skin Tuning Starter

IT LOOKS LIKE MARSHMALLOWS!! I don't know if I am just slow when it comes to new products, but I know that some drug store brands are doing similar products to this, like this one by Almay. I have a feeling the Koreans did it first... they do a lot of things first. Or maybe I just notice them first because they are cuter... It is supposed to feel like you are applying your primer, base and a volumiser all in one and it has pearls in it so you know it is good for your skin! ^^

I will forever be an Asian skin care kind of girl. It is what made me love makeup! It just hurts so much that it is so hard to get here in Australia!

Also, I will be blogging soon with my gift from my boyfriend, so look forward to that! He says he has been to H&M and Sephora, YAY! 

Damn you Australia and your lack of broadness in Makeup shops.

Have a good week everyone! <3

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