Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Style Crush: Sohee

I don't talk much about what style I like on this blog, and it is really hard to sum it all up into words. I like a lot of fashion and makeup, from cute and sweet, to funky and eclectic. Personally, I find it hard to apply this to my own style... I am stuck in the safe zone when it comes to fashion and makeup. Simple is best for me.
However, that doesn't mean that I don't admire other peoples style. I have many 'crushes' when it comes to celebrities and what they wear. It isn't just about the face.. though most of them are extremely attractive... it's about them and their personal style.

Sohee is a member of Korean girl group Wonder Girls. She is 3 months older than myself, so at the age of 19 she has achieved a lot! She started training at 12 by joining JYP Entertainment company and debuted with the Wonder Girls in 2007 at 14.  She is the 'maknae' of the group, meaning she is the youngest, and with that she become one of the main visuals because of her cuteness.

The Wonder Girls tried to break into the American market in 2009 with varying success, and I think during this time is when they got to really grow. They had a lot of pressure to succeed, but also much more freedom away from Korea idol scene... which is very strict and secluded. During this time she grew into an adult and her own style really started to show through. She wasn't just the cute little member anymore.
It's very hard to tell what an idols style is like, as on stage it is all chosen for them. Most of the time you have to use airport photos of them to see. Sohee's seems to be very casual but with statement pieces that give the outfit an edge. A lot of these are reflected in her magazine shoots also.

She become famous with beauty brands for the use of winged eyeliner and also her 'mono-lids'. 'Double eyelids' are increasingly popular in Asian, and she helps break the stereotype that mono lids are 'ugly'. Her eyes are her statement, and barely anything else is used. 

I just really think she is amazing. She is extremely shy and quiet, yet she grabs attention through her style. A very unique beauty.

This is their new single 'Like This' and a flash mob they had in Korea where they got MOBBED by thousands of people. I love watching and seeing the public dance, they know every move!

*I hope to do posts like this every so often! I have a few celebrities I really look up to so I hope to talk about them and bring awareness to Asian celebrities style.
*Photos taken from random tumblrs over time, I don't remember which ones ><


  1. She's so pretty :)

    Definitely agree- it's hard to know their style as it's chosen for them so much!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  2. sohee is so pretty :)
    ive never seen that version of flashmob before!
    i love how everyone just jumps on stage and joins them hehe