Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mr. Bright Review

For my birthday last month I received the Finding Mr. Bright kit from Benefit! This is my first taste of Benefit cosmetics... since it super expensive over here and I've never been able to justify spending $50+ on tint or blush. This kit is $45 I believe... which actually isn't that much more from the US at $35 or so. I guess I am just really cheap.

Sorry for the blur :(

The kit includes Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl 5ml, Erase Paste in 02 3.2g, Posie Tint lip and cheek stain 4ml and High Beam enhancer 2.5ml.

Everything is a nice travel size... and let's me test out some of the products before actually purchasing them. Though don't benefit sometimes give out some of these as actual samples?? Not quite sure..

Sorry again for the crappy photos! Just some swatches of them under natural light and with flash.

My thoughts?

Girl Meets Pearl
This is something I would wear only if I was going out clubbing XD It is a peachy golden shimmery colour that can be used lightly over the face or as a highlighter. I like it because it gives a dewy glow to the skin, however it can be difficult to blend sometimes! Not an everyday go to for me, but still lovely :) I wouldn't repurchase as I have other highlighters that I can use... since I rarely use them anyway.

A lovely milky pink! I have a similar tint from the Face Shop so I knew I would love it. It blends okay... since it does dries quite quickly, so it takes some getting used to. The colour gives a nice natural flush to my pale skin and a hint more colour to my lips! I wouldn't repurchase this... since a lot of Asian brands have similar products for much much cheaper.

High Beam
My favourite of the bunch! It is a lovely satiny pink high lighter that suites my pale skin really well! IT isn't over the top with shimmer, so I love using it in the inner corner of my eyes to give a pop and draw attention to them. I may repurchase this, especially if the price was right :D

Erase Paste
I was a bit scared at first since it is in a shade that looks too dark for me... however it applies well on my face. It is a bit thick... but then again it is a paste! However I find it creases in the lines and is sometimes difficult to blend. Not my favourite concealer, but not the worst either. It does the job of removing some of my dark circles! I would like to try the lighter colour... but probably wouldn't buy it again.

Altogether it is a lovely set! I think it is suited for fair skinned girls, as the colours are a lighter alternative to other high lighters and what not! It has made me enjoy using Benefit, so I hope to get more when I have the money! I am thinking of buying off the website since the prices are in US dollars and shipping is free internationally if the order is over $125... which would be totally worth it since I could probably buy twice as much for that amount as I could here!

What is your favourite Benefit product? Anything you think I should try?? Let me know!


  1. Let's buy together off the website! :P hehe!
    I have actually not tried much from them, but I'd like to try out this set!

  2. Benefit's high beam is my favourite! Apart from that, I reckon you could probably get most things of the same standard from high street brands! :D However, if you want to treat yourself, the cream eyeshadows are gorgeous and easy to apply!! :D